Compare bush and obama

The bush deficits vs the obama deficits posted on february 10, today i compare the bush deficits with the obama deficits the most objective way to do this, in my opinion, is to divide the transition budget years, 2001 and 2009, between the incoming and outgoing presidents. The back-to-back bush and obama administrations allow us to easily compare the effectiveness of liberal and conservative economic policies president george w bush’s record is highlighted by tax cuts largely aimed at giving the wealthiest americans more money with which to invest, and a looser regulatory regime on businesses. When comparing obama and bush's best approval and disapproval ratings throughout the first 100 days, they surge past trump perhaps a reason for trump's poor numbers might be due to his election. The weekly standard: obama vs bush on debt many are wondering what president obama will say about reducing the debt tonight in his state of the union speech jeffrey h anderson of the weekly. Obama is full of hate thank you president bush.

George h w bush (1989–1993) administration of george bush executive orders disposition tables year first last total 1989 12668 12698 31 1990 12699 12741 43 1991 12742 12787 46 1992 a list of obama administration executive orders can be found at: executive orders. While obama is certainly better educated and ran a more impressive campaign than pres bush, i think george bush's best speeches were in some significant ways than obama's best speeches there is a certain element of george bush's speeches which gives a kind of intimacy and is different from the deeply political/ for public consumption tone. However, compared to past presidents, obama has taken relatively few vacation days at this point in his second term, former president george w bush had taken a whopping 405 vacation days. How trump’s cabinet picks compare to obama and bush’s nominees by priya krishnakumar, lorena iniguez elebee, kyle kim, nina agrawal and joe fox jan 9, 2017 after campaigning on a platform.

George w bush / barack obama these polarized views of presidential powers can be used to compare and contrast the presidencies of george w bush and barack obama richard neustadt stated in his book presidential power that “presidential power is the power to persuade”(neustadt, pg11) persuasion and bargaining are techniques that. (bush 41's time running the cia probably helped a lot) clinton had the wind at his back, whereas obama walked straight into a woodchipper and just barely managed to not get fatally injured by it. Whereas bush launched 51 drone strikes against suspected terrorists in pakistan, for example, obama has unleashed 372, according to data gathered by the bureau of investigative journalism (the. A tale of two storms: comparing bush and obama's hurricane response how president obama's handling of superstorm sandy compares to bush's mishandling of hurricane katrina.

Obama says the right things but does the wrong things, remes said, noting that the right thing under bush amounted to the release of more than 500 detainees, versus the 90 transfers under obama. 2010 comparison/contrast essay george w bush / barack obama many would argue that former president george w bush and current president barack obama are very different while this is true some would be surprised at the similarities between these presidents. Obama, meanwhile, is minding his own business in the background looking off into the distance somewhere seemingly unaware of what’s happening in front of him looking at that picture, i couldn’t help but think about how president bush might have reacted in this situation, and how different the two men are. Here are a few other examples of politicians, political operatives and news outlets comparing crises under obama's watch to the bush's administration's response to the most destructive hurricane.

Compare bush and obama

We compared the length of service of the most high-profile departed trump staffers with people in the same role in the administrations of president barack obama and president george w bush. George w bush, a republican, was the 43rd us president from 2001 to 2009 barack obama, a democrat, was the 44th president from 2009 to 2017here's a comparison of the critical elements of their economic policies. Partisan pundits would likely recoil at the suggestion that george w bush and barack obama pursued similar foreign policies, but if we set aside partisanship and look past the rhetoric. The irony of president barack obama, nobel prize winner and putative anti-war candidate, launching extensive airstrikes in syria, quickly led to comparisons with his predecessor, president george.

  • Difference between barack obama and george w bush barack hussein obama is the current president of the united states as the first african-american to hold the office of president, he is considered a great role model for young african americans.
  • Voice the iran long game: bush vs obama why when it comes to the us strategy on the nuclear deal, consistency is a fool’s game.

Obama and the bush legacy: a scorecard but it’s always interesting to compare presidencies and to try and figure out what, if anything, they leave behind that’s lasting obama made a. Bush vs obama: facts and observations fed's fred) what the average annual federal expenditures, investment and consumption were/are under the regimes of bush and obama respectively it also allows us to see what the average government saving, or rather, borrowing has been under the two administrations first, a head to head comparison. President obama rcp average: president bush rcp average: date approve disapprove date approve disapprove 4/02/2015: 456: 499: 4/02/2007: 353: 602: 4/01/2015: 456.

compare bush and obama It’s true that gas prices did spike higher under bush than under obama, as it briefly reached $411 (not the $5+ as shown in the meme) in july of 2008, compared with a high of $397 for obama in may 2011 however, this spike only lasted for a couple months before plunging back below $2/gal before the end of the year as the 2008 recession hit.
Compare bush and obama
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