Which intensity of which modality created the greatest amplitude of response

Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym’s sense matches the sense you selected. The auditory middle latency response (amlr) is generated between 10 and 80 ms and has multiple generators, with a greater contribution from the thalamus-cortical pathways the establishment of normality criteria for latency and amplitude values is necessary for clinical use aim: to analyze the latency and amplitude of the amlr in individuals. Generality of weber's law: these kinds of experiments have been performed in many different sensory modalities to measure our abilities to discriminate: intensities of 2 lights, intensities of two sounds, pressure on the skin, weight of two objects, intensity of electric shocks, and a whole host of other things.

By modality (stimulus they transduce) mechanoreceptors detect deformation, touch and prssure the greater the intensity of the stimulus, the greater the receptor potential, and the greater the of greatest contact, without a clear, sharp boundary. Which intensity of which modality created the greatest amplitude of response amplitude modulation or am as it is often called, is a form of modulation used for radio transmissions for broadcasting and two way radio communication applications. Visual stimuli in separate active and passivetask response conditionsauditory stimuli in the passivetask yielded mean p300 amplitude and latency (j: 1sem) from the active and passive task conditions for auditory and visual stimuli as across stimulus modalities 32 p300 measurement and analyses. Sensory modalities stimuli can be divided into a range of different types or modalities the magnitude (amplitude) of a rp has a sigmoid relationship with stimulus strength these are important concepts with respect to in intensity coding – 1) means by which we can determine the intensity with which a particular sensory event.

___ energy modality produces the greatest therapeutic penetration to deep tissues sound the cosine law states that the intensity of the radiation striking a surface varies inversley with the square of the distance from the source. The orienting response 97 information content specification of the informational content of a given stimulus set should be critical to the determination of the effect of stimulus complexity on the or. Electric tumor treating fields (ettf), also known as alternating electrical field therapy, are low-intensity (1 to 2 v/cm), intermediate-frequency (100 to 200 khz), alternating electric fields employed for the treatment of malignant tumors. Lab #9: muscle physiology p1 lab #9: muscle physiology background pattern created by the repeated sarcomeres along the lengths of the myofibrils image is from wwwvmshr intensity as progressively more and more muscle fibers in the muscle undergo contraction.

Anodal and cathodal reactions in response to iontophoresis application devices polarity, current intensity and drug concentrations general principles of application safe current density electrodes preparation and delivery references iontophoresis is a technique which uses an electric current to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin. Interferential current (ifc) historical background electrical currents, amplitude modulated at low frequency for therapeutic purposes -limited by the low intensity of current that can be tolerated ł ∴ general effect is small-if possible, use larger separate plate electrodes. The specific interval and stimulus parameters (eg, intensity, size, position, motion direction, and speed, etc) of each modality-specific stimulus that produced the greatest multisensory response enhancement were determined for each neuron during an initial set of trials that preceded actual data acquisition.

The amount of energy that reaches a specific site is dependent upon characteristics of the ultrasound (frequency, intensity, amplitude, focus and beam uniformity) and the tissues through which it travels. Fig 1 shows the grand average erp response for stimulus types where the carrier signal was presented simultaneously in both modalities but where amplitude modulation was applied to the carrier in one modality only (ie unisensory. Discussed are the various parameters of electrical stimulation, including frequency, pulse width/duration, duty cycle, intensity/amplitude, ramp time, pulse pattern, program duration, program frequency, and muscle group activated, and how they affect fatigue in the stimulated muscle.

Which intensity of which modality created the greatest amplitude of response

The pressure modality did not have an effect regardless of the intensity of the stimulus as they each had a response of zero the chemical modality had the largest amplitude of response at 25 mv the heat modality did not elicit a response, as the amplitude response of each was zero the light modality did not elicit a response either as the. While the number of postnatal days was not strongly associated with amplitude of touch response, length of stay is an imprecise surrogate for multiple components of intensive care, which could potentially impact somatosensory development. Low-amplitude stimulation, which creates a skin stimulus that many patients describe as a “pins and needles” sensation most of the lindsey e eberman, phd, atc, lat, report editor high-volt pulsed current: treatment of skin wounds and musculoskeletal injuries therapeutic modalities. Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel therapeutic approach alexandre barbault 1, 2, independent review of best response (n = 16) according to recist criteria best response no % complete response 1 36.

A drop in the temperature of the patient's legs can cause a a decrease in the amplitude of ssep waveforms b an increase in the amplitude of the l3s response c a prolongation of ssep peak latencies d an increase in the conduction velocity of the tibial nerve. Graded means the amplitude of the receptor potential is proportional to the size of the stimulus the transduction process couples stimulus detection (ie, activation of a receptor protein) to the opening or closing of ion channels. Modalities that require health care personnel to administer are best reserved for those with acute pain syndromes or intermittent exacerbations of chronic pain before prescribing or administering a physical modality , an accurate diagnosis needs to be established and the goals of treatment determined.

O amplitude § amplitude is typically described with dose-response curves along the x-axis is the intensity of the stimulus, often on a logarithmic scale on the y-axis is the percentage of trials in which a subject can accurately detect the stimulus at that intensity. If the size (ie, amplitude) of the action potential is always the same and independent of the size of the stimulus, how then does the nervous system code the intensity of the stimulus the trick that the nervous system uses is that the strength of the stimulus is coded into the frequency of the action potentials that are generated. Sensor modalities sensor modality: distances to objects, intensity of the ambient light, unique features how: passive sensors energy coming for the environment basic sensor response ratings range lower and upper limits resolution minimum difference between two values. The time from the beginning of a response in excitable tissue until a new response can be excited when he na+ and k+ pump must reset itself the nerve is less likely to respond.

which intensity of which modality created the greatest amplitude of response A shadow, created as the wings pass beneath the infrared (ir) light, falls onto the photocells, generating output signals that are proportional to the amplitude of each wing the wingbeat analyzer also provides a precise measure of the wingbeat frequency.
Which intensity of which modality created the greatest amplitude of response
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